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Peat Moss Organic Aquarium Water Softener

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New Zealand Organic Peat Moss, Aquarium Water Softener

Peat Moss is a fantastic way to add tannins to water and soften and lower the waters ph.

Shrimplovers Peat Moss will soften your water by binding the calcium and magnesium ions while simultaneously releasing tannic and acids into the water. These acids then attack the bicarbonates in the water, reducing the water's carbonate hardness and ph.

It contains organic humic and tannic acids that simulate slightly soft acidic freshwater found in the Amazon, ideal for: Angelfish, Barbs, Cichlid, Discus, Gouramis, Loaches, Rainbows, Tetras, Oscars, and all other softwater fish by converting hard tap & tank water into fish friendly river water.

Promotes breeding in many fish species, enhances the fish's colours, improves water quality, which in turn reduces stress and disease.

Hummins & tannins have some anti-bacterial and algae suppression properties