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White Crane A.D.P Vitamix, Breeding Fish Food

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White Crane A.D.P Vitamix 50G, Breeder Fish Food Slow Sinking Granular

Special Reproduction Stimulate.

A very special high protein granular food added with high concentration of PSB and multivitamin to stimulate reproduction system. This special food will make your fish produce more babies then normal food. This food is suitable for neons, cardinals, rasboras all kinds of tetras, barbs, guppies, cichlids, fighting fish and all kinds of fish that will be kept for breeding. 

Use this food for every breeder or fish that will be kept for brood stock. It will give more eggs and stronger babies.
Slow sinking granule size 1.0-2.0 mm

Feeding Instructions:
Feed twice a day for best results.

Fish meal, Shrimp Meal, wheat gluten, Fish Liver Powder, yeast, Egg Powder, Milk Powder, Spirulina, Fish Extract, Fish Oil, Vitamins, PSB, Special Vitamin, Enzyme, Lactic Bacteria, Ethonyquin as a preservative.

Min Crude Protein 60%
Min Crude Fat 10%
Max Crude Fiber 1%
Max Moisture 8%

Vitamin A 10,790 IU/Kg
Vitamin D3 2,300 IU/Kg
Vitamin E 210 mg/Kg
Vitamin C 230 mg/Kg