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Weekend Feeding Blocks

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Unipet Slow Release Weekend Fish Feeding Blocks

Weekend Feeding Blocks are ideal for up to 3 days per block for a medium stocked aquarium.

These feeding blocks are safe for use in all aquariums and for all fish types.
Water conditions and temperature will affect how long these blocks will last.

Feeding Instructions:
Simply place the weekend feeding block in your aquarium. Within a few hours it will start to dissolve, releasing nutritious freeze-dried foods, while also neutralising your aquarium water. One block will be sufficient for 30-60 litre aquarium tanks and will last 3-4 days depending on the pH level and water temperature.

We recommend that you always do a partial water change before going away on holidays and using these feeding blocks.

Calcium Sulfate, Freeze Dried Tubifex, Freeze Dried Bloodworm, Freeze Dried Daphnia, Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp, Vitamin B-1 and Vitamin B-6.