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UP Aqua CO2 System, Extra Value Pack

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Great all in one kit for those who want to start-up a nano style planted aquarium.

Value Pack Extras:
1 x 1m Co2 Tubing
1 x 95g Disposable Cartridge

The Kit Comes with the Following Items:
Co2 Disposable Cartridge 95g
Non refillable cylinder
UN. 1013 carbon dioxide
Volume 135ml
Contents 95+5g Co2
Bursting Pressure 480kg/cm²

Simple Regulator
Endure high pressure design, without air leak
Precision design, easily to adjust, stable and accurate

Up Aqua simple regulator designed to easily connect. Simply tighten the regulator clockwise direction by hand, without the need of any tool. Do not  unscrew the regulator until the Co2 disposable cartridge is empty

Cartridge Holder/Stand
For disposable cartridge

Co2 Bubble Counter
It is clear to count Co2 quantity, do not waste Co2
In planted tanks approx. 1-3 Co2 bubbles a second

Check Valve
Whe the regulator or other Co2 equipment are setup below the water level, it is suggested to use the check valve to prevent your equipment from getting damaged from water back draining

CO2 Atomizer 
Made with fine ceramic, diffuse effectively
Durable use and spaceless

The Co2 atomizer should be affixed as close to the tank bottom in order to get the best Co2 dissolved effect

Clear Suction Cap
For Co2 atomizer
- 2 x 95g (135ml) Disposable CO2 cartridge
- Simple pierce regulator
- Cartridge holder/stand
- CO2 Bubble counter
- Check Valve
- CO2 Atomizer 
- Clear suction cap
- 1m Co2 Tubing