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Rotala Macrandra 'Pearl' Tissue Culture

Rotala Macrandra 'Pearl'
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This delicate, very small-leaved stem plant is likely a form of Rotala macrandra. It resembles Rotala macrandra but mini type and differs by shorter leaves curved downward. Strong lighting and good CO2 and nutrient supply are recommendable. It's best placed as group in the foreground or midground, especially in nano tanks.

Rotala macrandra 'pearl' has a purple hue to the tips of its leaves and will stay relatively small when compared to others in the genus.

Plant Info:
Growth rate: Medium
Height: 10 - 15+
Light demand: Medium
CO2: Medium

Tissue Culture Plants have been grown in sterile containers that allow them to be easily moved and which are free from disease, pest and pathogens.