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Small Filter Inlet Pre-Filter Sponge

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Mr Aqua Filter Inlet Pre-Filtering Sponge, Small (4 Pack)

The coarse pre-filter sponge can be used to prevent juvenile shrimps and young fish to be sucked into the filter.
The sponge can absorb pollutants and cultivate large amounts of nitro bacteria to decompose poisonous elements to help stabilizing the water quality.
Suitable for 10mm Hose, but can also be stretched a little for large pipes up to 13mm. Sponge can be rinsed and reused.

13mm Lily Pipe Inlet. Can be used in most filter types. For example canister filters, over the top filters and hang on filters

4.5cm long x 3.2cm diameter with a 10mm diameter hole down the middle - both end are open.