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Shrimplovers Super Snow, Soybean Husk Pellets

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Natural Food for Freshwater Shrimp

Made out of 100% soya husk. An amazing leave in food for all invertebrates (shrimp, crays and snails) as well catfish. High in protein and packed full of nutrients, it will not foul the water and is a great choice for holidays when you can't be there. It attracts the shrimp and fish immediately but it's main benefit is its ability to grow mycelium (a type of fungus) that the shrimp will graze on over a long period of time. 
Extremely popular in Asia with shrimp breeders due to its high nutrient value and ease of use. 

Mycelium is the vegetative part of fungi that generates nutritive components such as crude protein, amino acid, crude fat, crude cellulose and polysaccharide, all of which are important for shrimp growth and well being.

Feeding Instructions:
Feed a small amount depending on how many shrimp you have. The pellet will turn into white flakes and these flakes will not pollute water and will serve as a constant source of food for the shrimps for weeks making it’s suitable to be used as a food supplement during holiday periods.