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Serenity Aquatics Biochemical Sponge Air Filter

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Create crystal clear water
Convenient and easy maintenance
Ideal for small aquariums
Biological filtration for freshwater use
Adds oxygen while its filtering
Ideal for breeding tanks

Useful Tips:
Sponge Air Filers remove finer particles of debris from aquarium water while creating a beneficial colony of bacteria within the filter sponge. Maintain your filter by cleaning the sponge in some aquarium water siphoned into a bucket, make sure to clean it well but remember these filters work best when a little dirty so leave a little bit of the waste in the sponge as that will reduce the chance of putting your aquarium in to shock.

It is recommended to replace the filter when the sponge starts to breakdown, you will know when this happens as the sponge no longer feels firm and the fibers start to rip and tear very easily. When replacing your sponge filter it is recommend that you introduce your new filter with the existing filter at the same time and after a week or so you can remove the old filter and discard. Doing this it will reduce the risk of your aquarium water quality going bad especially if you have a well stocked aquarium.