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Sera GH/KH Plus 275g

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Water hardener for increasing GH and KH simultaneously.

Sera GH/KH-plus simultaneously increases the carbonate and total hardness in tropic aquariums. It allows hardening R/O water or soft tap water in a directed way as well as balancing the natural hardness component consumption. Furthermore, the parameters can be adjusted for keeping hardness loving fish species. The precise adjustment of these important environmental factors improves the supply of aquarium inhabitants with essential mineral substances such as calcium and magnesium, and effectively prevents dangerous variations of the pH value by a sufficiently high KH.

Increases GH and KH at the same time and;
• thus prevents dangerous pH variations
• provides fish and plants with magnesium and calcium
• supports the balanced mineral supply

For gently and lastingly increasing the total and carbonate hardness:
• when using R/O water, soft tap water or in case of natural breakdown of hardness components (at least 6°dKH under normal conditions)
• against biogenic decalcification and lime deposits
• for keeping hardness loving fish species appropriately

Directions for use:
See illustrations

Store at room temperature and dry! Keep out of reach of children and pets!