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Paracide Tablets 25pk

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Blue Planet Paracide controls external fish parasites such as Anchor Worm (lernea sp.), Skin &; Gill Flukes (Dactylogyrids and gyrodactylids) and Fish Lice (argulus sp.) in fresh and saltwater aquariums.

Does not aid in the treatment of bacterial and viral infections.

Remove carbon from aquaria and wait 5 days after last treatment before returning to aquaria.
Predissolve tablets in a disposable cup before addition to the aquarium water.

To calculate tank capacity: Length X width X water height (in cm) and divide by 1000 for litres.
Use at the rate of 1 tablet per 40 litres of aquarium water. Keep water temperature below 27 degrees C.
Maintain normal filtration and aeration. Repeat treatment after 7 days to prevent re-infestation.
Trichlorfon breaks down in the water making it unnecessary to change the water between or after treatments.