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Nano Glass Feeding Dish

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Shrimplovers Nano Glass Shrimp Feeding Dish (4.7 x 2.4cm)

The Nano Glass Shrimp Feeding Bowl is a fantastic way to feed your shrimp and keep mineral balls in the one clean and handy place. 
Using the Glass feeding bowl lets you feed your shrimp in the one place so you can see them come out from everywhere to find the food (great for taking photos).

We also use these feeding dishes as a way to take out any uneaten food the next day.

Doing this will reduce the chances of getting Hydra and Planaria in your tank. The nano glass feeding bowl helps to keep the tank clean and also provides a place to put your mineral balls or stones. 

The Glass is safe and does not release any toxins and will not break down, its completely safe.