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Mineral Balls

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Shrimplovers Mineral Balls

The abundant calcium, magnesium ¡K.ions are liberated from porous cavity structure sintered from natural volcano mineral to aquarium. The structure spreads water averagely and supplies mineral elements. 

The technical porous cavity structure has great features of lightest gravity, largest surface to above 150m2/g, high permeability of water and air to culture the nitrifying bacteria and microorganisms. 

Special water movement design to capture suspending particle and enhance biological decomposition. The bio-film fall off easily and regenerate the new microorganisms filter film. 

The material is designed in open porous cavity to slow water movement down. It is special produced for small, medium aquariums and trickle, internal or external filters. 

Shrimplovers Mineral Balls is prepared with the Porous biological technique filter material. This contains multi-function benefit bacteria and reproducing elements to restrain germs and algae, promote the immunity of fish; establishes stable water quality and well growth, reproducing circumstance. 

1. Please put the material in your filter or straight into the tank. 
2. Shrimplovers Mineral Bio Balls are great for filtering when used in trickle or canister filter, Balls last up to 2 years. 
3. Depends on different material quantity use and fish population; suggest changing half of the biological filter material each time rather than entire one to avoid severely impacting biological filtering system and water quality. 
4. Please keep it away from children.