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LCA Advanced Red ​250ml

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LCA - Advanced Red is formulated to enhance the red pigmentation of light demanding specialty plants such as Rotala, Ludwigia, Proserpinica, Alternanthera & Ammania species.

Advanced Red also promotes lush and dense growth of stem plants, as well as helping to reduce algae such as GSA/GDA from leaves of slow growing plants such as Anubias.

Advanced Red is suitable for all plants however this formulation is recommended for use in conjunction with hi-tech systems that utilise strong lighting , Co2 injection and rich substrate.

Recommended for advanced hobbyist


Use 2 pumps (4ml) for every 100L
Repeat 3 times per week 50% weekly water change

*Amounts above are for reference only. Your planted aquarium may need more or less depending on many factors
For Advanced Users:

2 pumps (4ml) per 100L will yield the following

Iron 0.35ppm
Nitrate 3.75ppm
Phosphate 2.65ppm
Potassium 4.95ppm
Magnesium 2.50ppm
Zinc 0.035ppm
Copper 0.0005ppm
Manganese 0.03255ppm
Boron 0.0125ppm
Molybdenum 0.0004ppm
E300 Ascorbic Acid
E202 Potassium Sorbate
Fluvic Acid