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Large Goldvine #117

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Goldvine Wood #117 

50cm long and 30cm wide Piece

This is the most wonderful wood we have ever seen! Found in Mongolia, this vine is paper smooth with intricate branching and fascinating beauty. It will turn a fantastic Mahogany colour when in an aquarium. Perfect for both Aquariums and Terrariums or any other display. This wood is extremely low in any tannin and is 100% safe for all fish and animals. As Gold Vine is very light it will take from 7-10 days to become waterlogged and sink. As we source this wood directly from tribes and villagers, were able to offer you extremely attractive pieces for this amazing work of art.

This wood is 100% natural and is not treated with anything at all and is safe to be placed straight into your aquarium or soaked to saturate.