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Indian Almond Catappa Ketapang Leaves

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Natural & Organic, Nutrient Rich

Advantages of Almond Leaf in Aquarium:
Natural Water Conditioner
Natural addition of Trace Minerals
Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Prevents and Cures diseases in Fish
Natural Food Source
Natural Decorative
Natural Hiding Spot and play thing for Fishes
Natural Healing Agent
Induces breeding in Betta Fish

Examples of situations where Indian Almond Leaves are commonly used:
When setting up a new aquarium
When a new fish is introduced to an aquarium
To induce breeding, especially in Bettas
When setting up and maintaining a fry or baby fish aquarium
When a fish is sick, especially if the sickness affects the skin
In the plastic transport bag when a fish is moved to a new home
When keeping delicate fish species that are considered difficult to keep and breed in captivity 

Suitable for:
Discus, Bettas, Gouramis, Killifish, Tetras, Angelfish, Dwarf Cichlids, Corydoras, Plecostumus,  Rasboras,Dwarf Shrimps, Hermit Crabs and many more.

All Aquariums Including Shrimp– 2 leaves per 20 litres of water
Betta Fish Breeding – 3 leaves per 15 litres of water
Fry/Baby Fish Rearing – 2 leaves per 40 litres of water

The leaves are hand picked from Almond trees grown in rural farms away from pollution and harmful chemicals. They are specially sanitised for aquariums and live fish. Each quality pack comes in transparent packaging.

Leaves will normally float for 2-3 days before sinking. The leaves should be replaced 2-4 weeks or when leaves start to breakup. Dosages are a guide only and hobbyists can tailor it based on aesthetics and water coloration. The leaves will cause water to turn clean amber in colour due to tannins which is natural and healthy  for fishes.