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Dymax Rex LED Light for Planted Aquariums

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Dymax Rex LED Lighting are energy-efficient lighting suitable for all types of aquarium. It provides the necessary illumination and colours for optimal photosynthetic activity, plant growth and viewing. Dymax Rex LED Lighting delivers full spectrum lighting plus essential spectral wavelenghts that promote and support strong plant growth as well as enhance its colours. Dymax Rex LED Lighting casts an optimal illumination into the water, so that you get an accurate visual of fish, shrimp and their aquatic environment. Colours appear more vibrant and exuberant, and the lighting promises to transform your aquarium into a majestic display.

Superior Performance:
High performance LED bulbs
Ideal for freshwater plants
Long lifespan
Sleek design

Key Features:
Full spectrum for freshwater planted aquarium
Promotes and supports strong plant growth
Balanced combination of multiple LEDs for optimal photosynthetic activity
Extendable mounting brackets ensures easy installation
120 degrees of light dispersion for full coverage of spectrum throughout the aquarium
Touch on/off

Rex LED Size (L)
DM696 30CM 
DM402 45CM 14W
DM404 60CM 17W
DM406 90CM 25W 
DM408 120CM 35W  
DM409 150CM 40W 
DM410 180CM 50W