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Dymax Potassium Plus 300ml

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Potassium is one of several elements that are vitally important to maintaining a vigorous level of growth in a planted aquarium. Dymax Flora Potassium contains 50,000 mg/l of Potassium, fully suitable for the natural planted aquarium in order to maintain the highest level of plant growth.

Add 10mls (1 capful) of solution to every 60lts of water. Raises Potassium level by 2mg/l per dose. Dissolve with some water before adding directly into the aquarium. Add 2-3 times weekly or as needed in response to signs of Potassium deficiency. Symptoms: Chlorosis (yellowing) Necrosis (death/browning), pinholes in leaves, and weak stems and roots. Shake well before use.

Remove activated carbon and maintain a good circulation when using this product. Keep out of reach of children.