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Dymax IQ3 Acrylic Aquarium, Sweetie Pink

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The IQ3 mini acrylic tank is perfect as a nano tank, as well as ideal for first time fish keepers. 

Complete with a dimmable LED light unit and an efficient built-in filtration system (with adjustable flow-rate), the IQ3 makes fish-keeping easy. Comes with detailed instructions on how to use this "Easy To Maintain" aquarium. Available in 5 colours.

Combine with innovative creativity, the new Dymax IQ3 mini acrylic aquarium comes with a 3 stage, 5 layer trickle filter system. Maintaining water quality is essential, the 3 in 1 IQ media combines the mechanical, chemical and biological filtration for the filtering system. The ultra thin, smart touch feature LED light with its unique flexible swing arm feature. This flexible arm allows the light to easily swing away from the aquarium for maintenance.

The IQ3 is a 6.5ltr all in-one tank suitable for a freshwater nano aquascape, Bettas and Shrimp.

The IQ3 comes with:
1 x 6.5ltr acrylic aquarium (220mm x 170mm x 200mm)
1 x 3 in 1 IQ media
1 x Flexz3, 3.5w LED light

Optional Accessories:
DM013 - IQ3 Lid.
 The aquarium lid covers the tank and served to prevent fish from jumping out of the tank, reduce evaporation and protect the light from getting wet. It is made of acrylic injection material. this material cost less, weightless, easy to clean allow more light penetration throughout and generally unbreakable compared to glass.

DM011 - IQ Thermo 30W. The IQ Thermo is a 30W mini heater equipped with a LED temperature display controller. The heater has length of 115mm that made it possible to sit horizontally at the bottom of the IQ5 filtration chamber.

DM020 - Spray Bar Unit. To improve water circulation in the IQ aquarium,Dymax has developed a spray bar unit which help to increase aeration as well as to improve circulation of water in the mini aquarium.

DM015 - IQ Polishing Paste. IQ Polishing kit is developed to help remove hairline scratches appear on the surface of the acrylic aquarium. This product includes a 5ml polishing paste and a piece of a high quality synthetic polishing cloth.