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Dymax Instant Start 300ml

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Removes Chlorine, Chloramines and Detoxifies Heavy Metals

Instant Start is a complete and concentrated conditioner for both fresh and saltwater use. This solution specifically formulated to remove chlorine, chloramines and detoxify heavy metal from tap water at a typical concentration levels and make it safe to use immediately. Apart from being a dechlorinator like other brands, Instant Start solution is also formulated with an additional disease preventive feature to promote a consistent reproduction of slim coat for diseases prevention and increase fish immunity.

Add 10mls (1 capful) of solution to every 200lts of water. 10ml of solution is approximately one cap full. Dissolve with some water before adding directly into the aquarium. Use every water change. Use for both freshwater and marine aquarium. Shake well before use.

Use 2 times the dosage for fish disease prevention.
Keep out of reach of children.