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Continuum Aquatics Flora Viv Iodide, 125ml

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Flora Viv Iodide is a stabilized, safe iodide complex, designed to nourish organisms that require iodine in freshwater and brackish aquariums. It is particularly useful as a molting aid for crustaceans and for use by other invertebrates and plants. Flora Viv Iodide contains no gluconate or polygluconate.

Iodine is not present in quantities sufficient to encourage molting in crustaceans in most water supplies. What little is present is rapidly removed through carbon and other filtration or is used up by tank inhabitants. It is therefore necessary to supplement it for maximum invertebrate health. If keeping crustaceans, realize that after molting, they usually hide from view to allow their exoskeleton to harden. Also, calcium and magnesium are required to complete the molting process. It is prudent therefore to monitor the GH levels and add Flora•Viv GH+ to keep calcium and magnesium at sufficient levels.

Directions and Protocol:
Shake well prior to use. Add 1/5 capful (1 ml or about 1 thread inside cap) per 40ltrs of aquarium water daily to cause molting or twice a week at other times. Do not overdose!

Expert Use:
Dosing through use of a drip system is a superior method of addition. Determine the amount of iodide consumption during the time it takes add the entire volume of your drip system. To determine the amount of Flora•Viv Iodide to add in milliliters, multiply your tank capacity in gallons by the amount you want to raise it in mg/l (ppm) then multiply by 2.5. (Example: if you have a 50 gallon tank and you want to raise the level by .01 ppm with the entire dose, you would multiply 50 x .01 x 2.5 which equals 1.25 ml of Flora•Viv Iodide or about 1/4 capfuls). Continuum recommends that you maintain about .04 to .06 mg/l (ppm) iodide level in your aquarium, when you want crustaceans to molt.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. If ingested drink water, contact a poison control center. If in eyes flush with water.