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Bioscape Co2 Reactor with Solenoid

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The Bioscape CO2 generator produces CO2 when two compounds, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, are added to water in a controlled manner. This CO2 is then channeled through the supplied hosing to a diffuser of your choice (not included). The kit consists of a pressure vessel, pressure reducer, contents gauge, needle valve, bubble counter and electronic solenoid.

Before you start: Remove the round sticker from the bottom of the regulator. Screw the cylindrical filter containing desiccant (small silica gel balls) into the base of the regulator.

  1. Place 200g of Reagent A and Reagent B (included) into the reaction cylinder. A paper funnel is supplied for this purpose. Ensure there is no powder in the thread of the bottle neck, if so wipe clean with a dry tissue or similar.
  2. Tilt the reaction cylinder to around 45 degrees and then add 300mls of water. Do not pout the water into the cylinder in an upright position as the reaction will be too fast.
  3. Promptly screw the regulator and the cylinder together, do not over tighten. Note that the reaction starts as soon as the water is added, failure to promptly screw the regulator in place will reduce gas production. There is no need to shake the bottle.
  4. Screw the top of the bubble counter off and pour in a small amount of water, then replace the top. Push the bubble counter stem into the top of the fine adjustment valve - it will seal however is not a 'tight fit', some sideways movement is normal when it is in place.
  5. If using the a solenoid, connect the male and female plugs together. The power plug for the solenoid should be plugged into the timer for the aquarium lights. The small indicator light will show when the solenoid is open.
  6. If using the manual system the on/off valve can be placed 'in line' between the bubble counter and the reactor. This can be opened and closed as required ensuring the fine adjustment valve doesn't need constant adjustment.
  7. The gas can be used when the pressure reaches 10kg/cm2, full pressure will be around 20kg/cm2. Adjust the bubble rate using the needle valve to the desired output.

  1. Release any remaining gas by opening the needle valve.
  2. Remove the solenoid if fitted.
  3. Remove the bubble counter by pushing down the collar at the base. Damage to this section by forcing the parts is not covered under warranty.
  4. Unscrew the regulator, discard the waste liquid, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry, then refill.