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Bioscape 7w LED with Bamboo Base

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Turn your favourite into a feature with this LED grow light and stand. Display your plants or a terrarium on this sturdy natural bamboo base, under the glow of the attached grow light. Perfect for a dark corner, a room with minimal natural light, or giving your plant some extra light on an overcast day. Adding a grow light to your set up can substantially increase your plant's growth speed, and also encourage plants like Hoyas to flower.
  • 6500 kelvin, 7 watt LED grow light. 
  • This grow light comes with a natural bamboo base; the perfect stage for your favourite potted plant, terrarium or aquarium.
  • The light is attached to the base with a flexible goose-neck, allowing you to change the angle of the light. 
  • The base is 27 x 30cm, and upright support height of 35cm.
  • Ideal for glass bowls, wabi kusa, walstad tank, mini terrariums, and small aquariums.