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Benibachi Milonecton Stone 1pc, Shrimp Minerals to Revitalise Water Quality

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Benibachi Milonecton Stone

Benibachi Milonecton mineral stone is a unique, high purity, Calcium Montmorillonite clay which remineralises aquaium water and improves water clarity It also improves your fish and Shrimp colour and luster, aids health and stimulates appetite. 

Re-mineralisation mimics the natural mud pond environment where fish and shrimp are traditionally found. Benibachi Milonecton mineral stone is a pure mineral and does not contain any chemicals, phosphates or metals. It helps bone, Shell, Skin and cellular growth. Fish and Shrimp absorb the minerals through their gills and shell from the water.

1 golf ball size stone treats a 200ltr aquarium. Stone will slowly dissolve & release minerals into the aquarium water.
Stone can be broken up into smaller pieces to be used in multiple tanks.