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AquaZonic Sumo G2-2 Amphibious Pump 1800lph

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Amphibious Pump:
Amphibious – can be dry or wet mounted
Electronic components are encapsulated in Epoxy Resin
Reliable and powerful
Motor with overheat protection for increased durability
Wear-resistant Ceramic Shaft
Silent during operation

Amphibious – Dry or Wet Mount
Motor with Overheat Protection
Wear-resistant Ceramic Shaft
Silent, Powerful and Durable
Freshwater and Marine

PH103 Sumo G2-1 1200 L/H 12W 1.5M
PH104 Sumo G2-2 1800 L/H 18W 2.2M
PH105 Sumo G2-3 3000 L/H 30W 2.6M
PH106 Sumo G2-4 5000 L/H 100W 4.5M
PH107 Sumo G2-5 7500 L/H 110W 5.0M

For freshwater and marine aquarium, terrarium, pond and fountains
Water circulation, water transfer and aeration
Seafood tanks