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Aquarium CO2 Tablets, 100% Carbon Dioxide

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Aquarium Plant Co2 Tablets

100% brand new and high quality.
Using the new formula and technology,100% Carbon dioxide tablet is free from toxin, pollutions and suspended substance.
The tablet release carbon dioxide slowly into the water, it supply water plants right amount of carbon dioxide and do not affect the fish absolutely.
Kindly note that this tablet does not release bubble in the water. It will just melt slowly and give out CO2 for the water plant.

Method of use:
Place tablet in different parts in the tank. (the best use of the proposed methods is the CO2 into the filter used together)

Every 40 liters of water add 2 tablets, add 2 times a week

Tablet Size:
1/2" Diameter Tablet

Tablet Colour:

36 Tablets 

Package Includes:
36pcs/box Aquarium CO2 Tablets

- Save the hassle of preparing DIY yeast bottles! 
- Save the cost of purchasing pressurized Co2 tanks, which is uneconomical for small aquarium setup! 
- Co2 tablets release Carbon dioxide for aquatic plants to perform photosynthesis
- Insufficient Co2 may cause poor growth and algae problems 
- Ideal for aquarium below 40ltr (i.e. nano tanks) 
- Easy and inexpensive way to supply Co2 
- Manufactured with world's latest formula 
- Free from toxin & pollutants, does not cause harm to fish and plants 
- Drop the tablet in different spots of the aquarium, for more even distribution of Co2 
- 2 tablets for every 40liters of water, dose 2 times a week 
- Tablet size: 1/2 inch diameter