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Aqua Zonic EVO Slim LED Light 60cm

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Evo Slim LED White provides lighting similar to natural daylight. Easy to install. Extendable Leg and Clamp (included) allowing the light unit to be easily mounted. Energy Saving Leds providing Low electrical consumption giving greater energy savings without compramising lighting efficiencies.

Evo Slim LED White: Provides white lighting similar to natural daylight in a budget format.
  • Easy to install. Extendable Leg and Clamp (included) allow the light to be easily mounted.
  • Beautiful Colours. Daylight White that is close to natural daylight.
  • Energy Saving. Low electrical consumption, greater energy savings!
  • Cool. Low heat emission compared to other light forms.

Colour Enhancement of Blood Parrots, Cichlids, Discus, Flower Horn, Goldfish, Guppies, Tetras and other freshwater fishes. Suitable for low & medium light plants. Depending on tank depth and light output required, two units may be needed.

Length - Power - Fits aquariums (with extendable arms)
30cm   -   7.5W   -   30 to 40cm
45cm   -   10.5W   -   45 to 55cm
60cm   -   12W   -   60 to 70cm