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Keeping aquarium fish is very popular. As a responsible pet owner, it is very important to remember that if you decide you no longer want or can keep your pet fish, to never release your unwanted fish into the environment, even if your pet fish is an Australian native species. Releasing your aquarium fish into a local waterway, creek or dam usually condemns them to a nasty death due to predators, or even starvation as your fish is not used to fen

Treating a sick fish or tank can be easy, but identifying what is wrong can be very difficult. The tip that I have is we all look at our aquariums every day. However, are you really looking at your fish? Use your instincts when you look at your fish if something looks different then it could be something wrong. The quickest and easiest way to treat a problem is to identify it fast and early on. If you notice a problem when your fish are dying, it

Let’s look at why choosing the correct food for your fish can be a lot harder than you think. When a person comes into the shop I can tell you almost 100% of people stand back and look at the 100+ options of fish food we stock and they freak out with fear and confusion. Choosing the right food for your fish can be difficult and that is mainly because there are just so many options to choose from.

Knowing where to start with setting up an aquarium is the key to getting the aquarium of your dreams. I always tell my customers that you are only limited by your imagination, and if you do research and planning you will be able to create something stunning.

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