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AQUAEL Nano Cool for Shrimp and Nano Tanks

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Aquael Nano Cool Aquarium Fan

Aquael Nano Cool Aquarium Fan is a miniature aquaristic cooler dedicated for SHRIMPSET and NANO REEF sets, as well as for any other small freshwater or marine aquarium.

It has a form of a tiny module measuring 4 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm and powered with a cord with USB plug. It is designed to be installed on the edge of aquarium glass, just above the water surface.

The Aquael Nano Cool set contains a special holder dedicated for mounting the device, however it can also be installed in the grip of AQUAEL DECOLIGHT and DECOLIGHT DUO lamps (the shape of the device is adjusted to the opening in the arm of the lamp).

The unit generates constant air movement making the water surface to move. Thanks to that the air-water contact area is increased, thus lowering the water temperature.

The device is able to reduce effectively the water temperature in small aquarium of even few degrees Celsius, which usually proofs to be enough to keep the animals inhabiting it in good condition.
  • prevents the tank (fauna and flora) from overheating in summer days
  • efficiently cools down temperature of water (of ~ 2 degrees C)
  • helps to keep the suitable thermal conditions
  • compatible with DECOLIGHT lamps
  • perfect for small and medium aquaria
  • for freshwater and marine tanks
  • extremely energy-efficient (1W)